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Second Sunday of Easter - 23 April 2017
Being Resurrection People

One of the key quest in life is to discover why we are here. In as much as it applies to individuals, it also applies to the church (and to our Franciscan community). Archbishop William Temple famously said that this church is the only human institution that exists primarily for the good of those outside of it. In baptism we discover that we are meant to be for others, in the same way that God is for us. Jesus the best evidence of that. And that means that God's mission must be the primary focus, not our own hurt or indeed anything that focuses on our own selves to the exclusion of neighbour.

For when we miss the neighbour, we miss God. As we work together, we will discover that God is healing old wounds. The work is just beginning, and it may not be easy, but it is essential. Focusing on the other, the ones outside this body, is going to be a vital part of discovering resurrection. There is plenty of need here in Mooroolbark - among refugees, single parents, young people with little sense of future or direction, older people with the issues of declining health and distant families… Put your eyes upon Jesus in the form of those strangers, and you will find resurrection.

As individuals and as a community this is our calling; to seek the lost and the lonely, the needy and the oppressed and to touch their lives in the name of Jesus. We must refocus, looking outward for no other reason than this is what Jesus would have us do. Not only as a church, but individually as well. Looking back over the past week, let us ask the question, how did I bring an outsider closer to the kingdom? The answer should shape the coming week. Thomas’ doubts became belief and belief led to action in God’s mission. What about us?

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